Miami Chapter

Save Biscayne Bay

For years we have advocated for fertilizer ordinances and put out dozens of calls to the public to send emails and make calls testifying as to the importance of clean water and healthy beaches.

Often maybe 1 or 2 members of the public have shown up in front of Commissioners to testify and have their voices heard. This week has been a painful reminder of why we need to TAKE ACTION!

We need you to speak out on behalf of Biscayne Bay, help us pass a fertilizer ordinance in Miami Dade County, Florida. Click here to register to speak on October 6th at the Miami Dade County Commissioners meeting. Our voices can help #SaveBiscayneBay

While we don’t 100% know these kills were a result of fertilizers, we know they have been a contributing factor in the past and it’s one step we can all take RIGHT NOW, to protect the Bay and our wildlife. If you’re mad and frustrated GET INVOLVED.