Miami Chapter

Dune Restorations

As part of our mission to protect our coastlines, Surfrider Miami is playing an active role in restoring a critical and very fragile habitat in South Florida – our coastal dunes. This area, which connects our beaches to the rest of the mainland, plays an integral role in protecting our coastlines from beach erosion, serving as a buffer against hurricane activity, and providing a habitat for several native plant and animal species.

Breaking the Cycle  

Much of the dune habitat in South Florida has been either altered or decimated, due to factors including development and an influx of invasive species. In partnership with city officials and plant biologists, Surfrider Miami is working to restore our dunes by removing invasive and exotic plant species from the dunes, and replacing these with native species that are better adapted to the environment and attract a diversity of wildlife.


Volunteers are welcome!

See our Upcoming Events section of the website, or contact Lexi Brouwer our Volunteer Coordinator for more information.

Please refer to Surfrider Experience Days for corporations and organizations looking to get involved with beach cleanups and dune restorations.