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Oppose the Mooring Field


Defend Access to the Miami Marine Stadium Lagoon

The Miami Marine Stadium basin is currently under consideration for a proposal for the development of a mooring field consisting of slip space for 49 vessels up to 60 feet in an attempt to regulate mooring in the marine stadium basin. The proposed development of a mooring field in this location raises many concerns about the environmental impact of such development activities, long term impacts of increased vessel operations in the area, significant implications to the surrounding environment and natural wildlife, in addition to being in direct interference with numerous non-consumptive uses of the area. Based on these concerns, the Surfrider Foundation Miami Chapter is in strong opposition to this proposal.

While we recognize that the establishment of a mooring field would allow the City to regulate the anchorage of vessels in the lagoon, potentially reduce seagrass damage from dragging anchors and grounded boats, and potentially regulate and prevent the illegal discharge of sewage by providing a pump-out facility; there are much better solutions to be investigated that would not compromise the environmental fragility of the marine stadium park – especially since the development of a mooring field has significant potential to do the opposite; by increasing vessel traffic and increasing pollution from the operations of these vessels and the supporting infrastructure.

Establishing a monetized mooring field in an attempt to regulate vessels at this location is also incompatible with recreational water based activities that are undertaken by numerous citizens and organizations such as rowing, swimming, paddleboarding, kayaking, and for the overall enjoyment of a natural space filled with mangroves, dolphins, birds, and other marine species. Other development activities proposed for the marine stadium park such as the installation of motorboat ramps and parking spaces for trailers, which would expand the current scope of motorized vessel operations, are also incompatible with the current park regulations reserved for non-motorized vessels and suggest continued encroachment and restrictions on non-consumptive recreational activities.

The ocean means so much to us and the beaches and public spaces adjacent to the water are our gateways to it. At the town, city, and even the state level, there are an insufficient number of public beach access points – and the existing ones are being threatened every single day by various sources of external pressure. From regulated and restricted access hours, locked gates, development, and even economic barriers, the public’s ability to access the beaches and oceans are being severely limited.

Access to waterways and beaches should be a fundamental and universal right for all members of the public. All members of the public should be able to enjoy low-impact and responsible access to these areas. In addition to numerous public safety and environmental concerns, the proposed development of a mooring field at the Miami Marine Stadium would ultimately prevent the enjoyment of this area for recreational purposes and would effectively limit public access to this beautiful waterway.

Please join us in asking the City of Miami to reject the proposed development activity and to instead ensure that this area is protected for the enjoyment of the public. Make your voice heard and send your email to the City officials.  Your access to the water could depend on it.


Make Your Voice Heard.  Pick up the phone and call your local representatives. Let them know that your access to this area, the health of the environment clean water, public health,and public safety are important to you.

Get Involved. Attend a Surfrider chapter meeting. You’ll learn how you can work side by side our Surfrider network of volunteers to ensure clean water and safe, accessible beaches and waterways in Miami, Fl.  We are fighting campaigns at the local and state level to protect our coasts and to ensure safe and healthy beaches for everyone.

Donate. The urgency of the work on the ground has never been more important.  Opening up your wallet and becoming a member, renew or give an additional donation will help fuel our network of volunteer coastal defenders with the resources we need to win at this most critical time. Please join Surfrider Miami today!

This campaign is and initiative by Surfrider Miami’s Marine Policy and Beach Access Task Force in partnership with the Virginia Key Alliance.


Mayor Francis Suarez
Phone: (305) 250-5300
Commissioner Wilfredo Gort (District 1)
Phone: (305) 250-5430
Commissioner Ken Russell (District 2)
Phone: (305) 250-5333
Commissioner Joe Carollo (District 3)
Phone: (305) 250-5380
Commissioner Manolo Reyes (District 4)
Phone: (305) 250-5420
Commissioner Keon Hardemon (District 5)
Phone: (305) 250-5390